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Do You Have The Need For Specific Systems But Lack The Budget?

The Ready-to-Run Software (RTR) Porting Center is the solution.  Use the machines in our porting center to perform software test builds, application porting & migration, Q/A verification and interoperability testing within computer environments that would otherwise be unavailable to you – until now!

The RTR Porting Center Offers An Affordable Option

Ready-to-Run Software (RTR) maintains a secure facility containing a heterogeneous, backed-up network with an assortment of computer platforms (versions of operating system, equipment manufacturer, and configuration). Currently this center is comprised of over 70 different operating platforms, making it one of the most unique computing facilities anywhere in the world today.

Using an internet-based hosting model, RTR Porting Center subscribers are granted secure access to the available computing resources as needed.  This service is the perfect solution for companies and organizations that may have a short-term or infrequent need for a specific type of platform.

Some of the benefits of using the RTR Porting Center:  

  •  Affordable ‘pay-as-you-go’ or annual subscription service available

  •  Access to older as well as state-of the-art equipment when the need arises; connect for as long as you want, when you want

  •  Eliminates system administration and maintenance overhead for short-term or infrequently used computer platforms

  •  Allows you to run low-cost trial test cases without making final commitment

Machines available in the porting center include multiple releases of:  

  • Sun Solaris (Sparc)

  • Sun Solaris (x86)

  • DEC/Compaq/HP Tru64/Digital Unix (Alpha)




  • HP/UX (Itanium)

  • Red Hat Linux (x86)

  • Red Hat Linux (Itanium)

  • SuSE Linux (x86)

  • SuSE Linux (Opteron)

  • SuSE Linux (PowerPC)

  • Apple OS/X

  • FreeBSD (x86)

  • BSD/OS (x86)

  • SCO (x86)

  • Unixware (86)

  • DG/UX (x86)

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